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Frannie was in a state of butt fuck euphoria! Last night Kenny "popped the old question"! They were butt fuck getting married! She couldn't wait to tell Kim, her best friend butt fuck since grade school. They had both wondered if Kenny would ever get the nerve butt fuck to go through with it, and well finally it happened! He had been butt fuck so sweet, just like in the movies he fumbled with and butt fuck engagement ring and stumbled with his question! It was all Frannie could do to keep butt fuck from asking her for him. When he finally did get it straight butt fuck Frannie threw her arms around his neck and practically butt fuck screamed "Yes!"

The best though was yet to come butt fuck as Kenny then did what he did best--give her the fucking of her life! Kenny had many good butt fuck qualities such as a good job, good looks, a nice personality, and butt fuck even a nice car! But what he really had that made Frannie melt butt fuck was that huge piece of meat that hung between those hard thighs! Kenny was hung like a butt fuck fucking horse, and boy did he know how to use it! Frannie butt fuck could remember the first time she had really seen butt fuck that big pecker. She was fifteen and Kenny a year older. He had just gotten his license and butt fuck they were going to a drive in movie. They had made out a butt fuck lot of times before and Kenny had sucked on Frannie’s ample butt fuck chest a ton of times, but this, however, was the first time that Kenny had pulled out his butt fuck prick for her to play with. Even at sixteen Kenny’s cock butt fuck was at least eight inches long, and Frannie immediately fell in love butt fuck with that big love muscle, and from then on she considered it hers butt fuck and hers alone!

Kim was almost as happy with the butt fuck news as Frannie was, and both girls giggled as Frannie butt fuck related how Kenny had mumbled and stumbled through his butt fuck proposal! Now it was time to make some wedding plans, so they decided it would be a butt fuck good idea to check out some wedding gowns. Kim had a friend butt fuck who owned a small dress shop and was butt fuck sure that she would give Frannie a good deal on a wedding dress, as well as dresses for the brides maids. With that butt fuck decided they were off to shop. They stopped on a quiet side butt fuck street and entered a small shop that was simply call “Anne’s Fashions”. A sign on the front door said “By Appt. Only vbutt fuck. There was a bell on the door frame that butt fuck Kim rang, and a few seconds later they were being led inside the butt fuck store by Anne Fischer. There were mannequins modeling some of the original dresses butt fuck designed and created by Anne herself, and Frannie was butt fuck impressed with the way the she had used fabric and design to butt fuck create some of the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen in her life! Kim introduced the butt fuck two strangers and explained that Frannie was looking for a butt fuck wedding gown and four bride’s maids dresses. Anne nodded butt fuck and looked at Frannie, giving her the once over with a practiced designer’s eye. Frannie butt fuck felt a shiver run through her when caught in butt fuck Anne Fischer’s gaze, and while she didn’t know why, she felt like this butt fuck woman could look right into her heart! It was a strange butt fuck feeling indeed.

After several moments of butt fuck discussion on the type of dress Frannie had in butt fuck mind, Anne led them to a room in the back of the store used for butt fuck modeling, trying on, sewing, and designing. In firm butt fuck voice that sounded if she always got what she butt fuck asked for, Anne Fischer told Frannie to butt fuck take off all of her clothes. Frannie was going to protest but the butt fuck look on Anne’s face and the tone of her voice butt fuck made her start pealing off her things. When she was butt fuck down to her bra and panties Anne said, “All of it.” Soon butt fuck Frannie was standing totally naked in front of her good butt fuck friend Kim and Anne Fischer. Again she butt fuck shivered as Anne gave her naked body a long stare. Anne butt fuck then told Frannie that when she dressed a butt fuck woman she did it all the way, that is shoes, stockings, butt fuck panties, bra, slip, and dress. There was no part butt fuck way with her, it was all or nothing. She then asked about her butt fuck future husband, what kind of lingerie does he like? What color, material, etc. As Frannie was butt fuck beginning to answer she was shocked when Anne Fischer reached out and cupped butt fuck her full bosom! She was stunned into silence and looked to Kimmy butt fuck for help! Anne then began to massage butt fuck her tits and asked whether her fiancé liked to suck butt fuck them. When she started to protest Anne gave her a butt fuck stern look and admonished her to answer her questions!!! Now totally butt fuck flustered Frannie opined that Kenny was butt fuck a tit man and loved to suck her tits. Anne continued to gently twist Frannie’s nipples butt fuck as she asked if Kenny ever fucked her tits. Frannie just butt fuck nodded yes as she now felt the familiar fury beginning butt fuck to well up in her pussy!

Anne then reached down butt fuck between Frannie’s legs and slipped her middle butt fuck finger into he wet cunt. When the finger found her love button butt fuck Frannie gasped with pleasure! She couldn’t help it! butt fuck Her body was so tuned for the need of sex butt fuck that even this strange woman could make her butt fuck hot with lust. Anne then asked Frannie about Kenny’s cock. “Is your butt fuck boyfriend big?” Frannie nodded in the affirmative. “How big?” “About nine butt fuck and a half inches,” Frannie replied. “Do you like to butt fuck suck him?” “Yes,” she answered! “Then you’re a little butt fuck cocksucker with big tits aren’t you?” “Yes I am,” gasped butt fuck Frannie. “Do you let his shoot into your mouth, butt fuck you cocksucker?” “Oh yes,” she hissed through butt fuck clenched teeth! Out of the corner of her eye she saw that butt fuck Kimmy had sat down on so old boxes and had butt fuck shucked her jeans and panties and was fingering her butt fuck own cunt! “God, thought Frannie, “Kimmy butt fuck has the hairiest cunt!”

Anne Fischer must have seen her butt fuck looking at Kimmy because she then told her to “butt fuck Go eat her, you little whore!” Leading a butt fuck transfixed Frannie by the arm, the next thing butt fuck she knew was that her own tongue was sliding up and down the butt fuck crack of her best friend! “Suck her cunt bitch!” Frannie butt fuck was now lost in a sexual haze! Her mouth on a hot cunt and butt fuck her ass up in the air ready to be taken! After about three minutes of hard sucking butt fuck Kimmy arched her back and creamed her pussy all butt fuck over Frannie’s face! God it tasted good! When she looked around, Frannie butt fuck saw Anne Fischer taking off her own clothes. She had a small but firm butt fuck chest with very pointy nipples. She had a narrow waist that spread out to a nice butt fuck full set of hips. Anne Fischer pushed down her slacks butt fuck and panties together. What popped out made Frannie and Kimmy gasp! Between butt fuck her firm thighs hung a large strap on dildo! She walked over to to Frannie, butt fuck stuck out her hips, and ordered Frannie to “Suck it you cocksucking whore!” Powerless now to resist anything Anne Fischer asked, she opened her mouth and butt fuck started giving head to the big latex butt fuck pecker. “I’m your bull dyke you little slut,” said Anne, “lay down so I can fuck butt fuck your little cunt!” Frannie lay back on the boxes and Anne was on top of her in a flash! Guiding butt fuck the big head into her pussy, she found the butt fuck tight little opening and in one thrust buried it deep inside butt fuck Frannie’s hole! Orgasm after orgasm flooded her pussy as Anne Fischer used piston butt fuck like strokes on her gaping hole! All at once butt fuck Anne literally screamed out her orgasm, slumping on top of Frannie butt fuck breast to breast, and both women struggled butt fuck to catch their breath.

They all dressed in silence, but each butt fuck feeling a new type of sexual kinship with each other. Anne Fischer then told Frannie that she butt fuck would require a number of fittings before her butt fuck dress was done. Frannie smiled and nodded. Next week they would have butt fuck to do it all again!!!

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