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She was running late as usual! Claire smut photos just couldn't seem to get anywhere on time. Why in the world did she ever agree to attend smut photos a lingerie party at Cathy's house? With Frank smut photos away on business and it being a week night she had had smut photos trouble finding a sitter for the twins. She was bone tired and prospect of watching a lingerie show was the last smut photos thing she wanted to do. Cathy had invited her over a month ago and had promised an smut photos "interesting evening". How did she get roped into smut photos these things?!? Oh well, a few of her other friends were smut photos going to be there, and she hadn't seen some of them in months.

When she arrived at Cathy’s place she was surprised smut photos to see so many cars parked in the driveway and on the street. “Well, the more the merrier,” she smut photos thought, as she walked quickly up the walk to the large imposing red front door. A hard rap on the brass knocker and the door smut photos immediately swung open by Julie, Cathy’s best friend. “Com’on in Claire, and make smut photos yourself comfortable, the show’s just about ready to start,” said Julie as she ushered her smut photos into the downstairs rec room. “We got the house smut photos all to ourselves, Cathy’s husband and kids decided to smut photos go bowling to get away from us girls!!!” Claire looked around the room and exchanged smut photos hellos with the women she knew and was quickly introduced smut photos to the ones she didn’t. She had just settled down in her seat smut photos when Cathy stood up and introduced the lady who was putting on the show. Vera Lane smut photos was a strikingly beautiful woman with a large chest, medium length brown hair, and long slim legs. She smut photos was dressed in a woman’s business suit that although was perfectly proper, smut photos on Vera it looked anything but proper! It seemed to cover up and intriguing unknown. Vera explained smut photos that the lingerie would be modeled by her and several of her smut photos models she had brought along with her. She would encourage smut photos the women, however, to please try on any or all of the items being shown that evening. She further smut photos went on to explain that lingerie they were modeling that evening could be ordered in red, black, white, nude, and pink. She smut photos also said to ask questions as they went along as the show smut photos was quite informal.

Claire was listening with half and ear when all at smut photos once Vera Lane unbuttoned her suit jacket and removed it along with her skirt and smut photos blouse! Underneath she wore an absolutely wicked black bra smut photos and panties set with a matching garter belt and stockings! In her five smut photos inch spiked heels she looked spectacular to say the least! By now Claire smut photos was getting much more interested in what Vera had to sell! After giving a brief rundown on the smut photos items she was wearing, she called out for Pam, a young girl smut photos of about twenty five who was wearing a red teddi. As the models smut photos would come “on stage”, Vera Lane would give a brief description and pricing information. Any smut photos questions would be answered and then a new model would appear and the whole process would start smut photos all over again. After about one hour Vera said that they would be taking a fifteen minute break smut photos and then would bring on the “special” items. Claire made small talk with some of her friends, got a drink of 7&7, smut photos and returned to her chair. Seeing these young girls in the skimpy underwear had made Claire a little creamy in her panties, and although smut photos there had been no direct talk of sex, there was a definite undercurrent of arousal in the air!

By now Vera was back at the front smut photos of the room and asked for attention. She then said that they now were going to show a special line of products smut photos whose use would be self explanatory. Reaching into a large black leather bag Vera Lane pulled out an eight inch plastic smut photos vibrator. As she held it high for everyone to see, she said, “A woman’s best friend!!” There was smut photos an audible gasp from some of the ladies in the audience but no one go up to leave--infact smut photos no one moved an inch!! With a quick twist of her wrist Vera turned the machine on and an smut photos audible buzz could be heard throughout the room. Giving a description of the device and how the controls smut photos operated, Vera then did something that stunned everyone smut photos there, including Claire. Vera very casually slid down smut photos her black panties, sat down on a folding chair and stuck the buzzing machine into smut photos her hot pussy!!! That brought gasps from the crowd, but soon the loudest sounds were coming from Vera Lane smut photos herself! Moving the dick like object in and out of smut photos her pussy, she began to moan in obvious pleasure, and it soon smut photos became evident that she intended to cum right there in front of every one!!! Claire’s own smut photos pussy was now leaking like a sieve and her panties were becoming drenched with her cunt juice! God she wished she had that smut photos thing in her pussy!!! As Vera continued to work her pussy, two of her models, smut photos Pam and Ingrid, came out of the changing room. Pam was wearing a strap on dildo that looked like an erect penis! Ingrid lay smut photos down on the carpeted floor, spread her legs, and begged Pam to fuck her! In an instant Pam was between her legs smut photos guiding the latex dick into her little blond fuck hole! Soon she was smut photos pounding away at Ingrid’s defenseless pussy with reckless abandon!! By now Vera was in a sexual frenzy, she had stopped fucking smut photos herself and was now directing the tip of the buzzing toy onto her burning clit! Her head rolled smut photos from side to side and she actually looked slack jawed as her orgasm thundered through her hot cunt!! She screamed with pleasure smut photos as her whole body shuddered to a standstill.

Claire by now had slipped her hand up smut photos under her skirt and was brazenly fingering her pussy! At that moment she couldn’t have cared less smut photos if anyone was watching her at all, but she needn’t have worried, as over half of the “ladies” had their fingers buried deep in their own quims! Soon smut photos there were women having their own orgasms oblivious to everything around them! Claire smut photos reached over and began rubbing the chest of the woman next her, who was furiously frigging smut photos her clit and was close to cumming! When the woman didn’t move her hand from her smut photos breasts, Claire became bolder and unbuttoned the woman’s blouse and slipped her hand inside her bra. This lady had a nice set of tits with smut photos especially long nipples. Claire rolled them between her fingers and made them grow smut photos nice and hard! Claire then took her free hand and opened up her own blouse and bra and pulled out her boobs. She then guided her smut photos not nipple into the mouth of the panting woman. She sucked it like a calf smut photos sucks it’s mother! She couldn’t seem to get enough of Claire’s nipples! Claire was now in the midst of the onset of a very major orgasm! Her nipples smut photos were super sensitive and this woman was sucking them like smut photos there was no tomorrow! Claire then whispered into the lady’s ear, “After you cum, you eat my pussy!” The woman could smut photos only nod as her own orgasm raced through her like a freight train on the loose! She tried smut photos to inhale Claire’s firm breast as she hit her peak! By now Claire couldn’t wait another second. She grabbed the smut photos woman by the hair and pulled her mouth to her gaping vagina! The second that hot tongue touched smut photos her clit, Claire was shooting her hot juices into the stranger’s eager mouth! In a matter of seconds she was cumming for the smut photos second time in ten minutes! The two ladies then held each other and caressed each smut photos others breasts as they gave soft wet kisses to one and other!

Claire looked around and saw smut photos Cathy with her panties off using the same vibrator Vera Lane smut photos had been using. As she disentangled herself from the crowd of hot smut photos sweaty women, Claire found Vera Lane and said, “Nice sales technique! I’ll take two of smut photos everything!” Driving home all she could say was, “What a party!!!”

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